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quarta-feira, maio 10, 2006

Draenei confirmados

When the makers of World of Warcraft announced last year that they would release a major expansion of its virtual world, the game’s millions of players began anxiously awaiting details.
Today those players will start getting answers. In the biggest piece of news, Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the game, plans to announce that in the expansion, to be called The Burning Crusade, players will be able to join an otherworldly species called the Draenei.
The Gamer has an exclusive article about the news, an exclusive Burning Crusade video trailer and screen shots, and an extended Q.&A. with Jeff Kaplan, one of World of Warcraft’s top designers.


Aproveitei para revelar mais umas imagens e citar um excerto da entrevista a Jeff Kaplan (aka Tigole) no forum nacional PortCraft.